Other Memorable Football matches attended pre 1999/2000 season.

Just a tiny proportion of the matches I have attended since the age of 5.
Most have been completely forgotten over the years!

4/10/1969Cambridge Utd10-0Potton UtdFA Cup Qual 22191-
9/12/1969Cambridge City2-0Cambridge UtdCambs Prof Cup
Semi Final
?Abandoned after 45 mins
1/5/1970Cambridge Utd4-3ChelseaFriendly14000-
15/8/1970Cambridge Utd1-1Lincoln CityDiv 46843-
19/8/1970Colchester Utd5-0Cambridge UtdLeague Cup 16952-
21/11/1970Enfield0-1Cambridge UtdFA Cup 13941-
12/12/1970Colchester Utd3-0Cambridge UtdFA Cup 27348-
28/4/1973Cambridge Utd3-2Mansfield TownDiv 411542-
6/1/1974Cambridge Utd2-2OldhamFA Cup 38479-
23/11/1974Hitchin Town0-0Cambridge UtdFA Cup 14200-
22/11/1975Leatherhead2-0Cambridge UtdFA Cup 22500-
30/8/1976Everton3-0Cambridge UtdLeague Cup 210898-
14/5/1977Cambridge Utd2-3Swansea CityDiv 47795-
19/8/1978Cambridge Utd0-1Stoke CityDiv 27485-
2/12/1978West Ham0-5Cambridge UtdDiv 221379-
31/3/1979Burnley1-1Cambridge UtdDiv 28162-
5/1/1980Chesham Utd0-2Cambridge UtdFA Cup 35000-
1/3/1980Orient2-0Cambridge UtdDiv 25150-
23/5/1981England0-1ScotlandHome Internationals90000-
2/1/1982Doncaster Rovers2-1Cambridge UtdFA Cup 36741-
8/2/1986Orient3-1Cambridge UtdDiv 42727-
9/12/1989Woking1-3Cambridge UtdFA Cup 23477-
27/1/1989Millwall1-1Cambridge UtdFA Cup 414573-
30/1/1990Cambridge Utd1-0MillwallFA Cup 4 Replay9591After extra time
17/2/1990Bristol City0-0Cambridge UtdFA Cup 520676-
21/2/1990Cambridge Utd1-1Bristol CityFA Cup 5 Replay9796After extra time
27/2/1990Cambridge Utd5-1Bristol CityFA Cup 5 2nd Replay9047After extra time
10/3/1990Cambridge Utd0-1Crystal PalaceFA Cup QF10084-
5/5/1990Aldershot0-2Cambridge UtdDiv 43208-
16/5/1990Maidstone Utd0-2Cambridge UtdDiv 4 Play Off Semi5538After extra time
26/5/1990Chesterfield0-1Cambridge UtdDiv 4 Play Off Final26404Wembley Stadium
9/3/1991Arsenal2-1Cambridge UtdFA Cup QF42973-
19/1/1992Cameroon1-0SenegalAfrican Nations Cup, Quarter Final45000-
19/1/1992Nigeria1-0ZaireAfrican Nations Cup, Quarter Final30000-
20/1/1992Ivory Coast1-0ZambiaAfrican Nations Cup, Quarter Final6000-
20/1/1992Ghana2-1CongoAfrican Nations Cup, Quarter Final7000-
23/1/1992Ivory Coast0-0CameroonAfrican Nations Cup, Semi Final250003-1 on penalties
23/1/1992Ghana2-1NigeriaAfrican Nations Cup, Semi Final30000
26/1/1992Ivory Coast0-0GhanaAfrican Nations Cup, Final3000011-10 on penalties
20/5/1992Barcelona1-0SampdoriaEuropean Cup Final71000Wembley Stadium
15/8/1992Tranmere Rovers2-0Cambridge UtdDiv 15248-
25/10/1992Southend Utd1-1Cambridge UtdDiv 13810-
28/11/1992Newcastle Utd4-1Cambridge UtdDiv 127991-
12/5/1992Parma3-1Royal AntwerpUEFA Cup Winners Cup Final37000Wembley Stadium
8/5/1993West Ham2-0Cambridge UtdDiv 127339-
20/2/1999Leyton Orient2-0Cambridge UtdDiv 36222-
13/3/1999Barnet0-3Cambridge UtdDiv 32748-