Colin's Football (Soccer) Badges (Pins) for Exchange

Here are some of the badges I have for exchange. Please ask any questions to verify you really want the badge before agreeing to an exchange. Apologies if I have exchanged any of these badges already when you contact me.

You will mostly find football badges for exchange listed on this page, but you can find other sports badges here. If you are interested in non sport badges I have for exchange then try looking here.

[Badge Selection 1]
[Badge Selection 2]
[Badge Selection 3]
[Badge Selection 4]
[Badge Selection 5]
[Badge Selection 6]
[Badge Selection 7]
[Badge Selection 8]
[Badge Selection 9]
[Badge Selection 10]
[Badge Selection 11]
[Badge Selection 12]
[Badge Selection 13]
[Badge Selection 14]
[Badge Selection 15]
[Badge Selection 16]
[Badge Selection 17]
[Badge Selection 18]
[Badge Selection 19]
[Badge Selection 20]
[Badge Selection 21]
[Badge Selection 22]
[Badge Selection 23]
[Badge Selection 24]
[Badge Selection 25]
[Badge Selection 26]
[Badge Selection 27]
[Badge Selection 28]
[Badge Selection 30]
[Badge Selection 31]
[Badge Selection 32]
[Badge Selection 33]
[Badge Selection 34]
[Badge Selection 35]
[Badge Selection 36]
[Badge Selection 37]
[Badge Selection 38]
[Badge Selection 39]
[Badge Selection 40]

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