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The following sites have reciprocal links to this site and may be of interest to people viewing this AFBC site. If you think you would like a link to your site from here, and are happy to return the favour then please contact the Webmaster.

A link here does not mean that this site endorses the products or ideas of the site that the link points to!

On 24th September 2008 all these links were checked. If your link has been removed it is either because your site was not available, or you had no return link to the AFBC. If you want to get your link re-instated again then please contact the Webmaster.

Glentoran Community Trust - Northern Ireland's first supporters trust.

Colin's football index - The Webmaster's own football pages.

A Russian collector's web site www.piterbadge.com.

A Panathinaikos collector's web site panathinaikospinspassion.webs.com.

Keith Wilkinson's personal web site www.sportbadge.co.uk.

Retailer of official football merchandise and souvenirs premierfootballsouvenirs.co.uk.

Personalised gifts at cardsgifts.co.uk.

The badge collectors' shop badgeunion.com.

Personalised badges at Zyan.

Football merchandise web site allaboutfootballPlus.com.

Celtic supporters plaques and badges at Board the Bus.

A Crewe Alexandra collector's site.

An Arsenal collector's site : www.gunnersbadge.co.uk.

A West Ham fan, who collects badges featuring hammers : Boleyn Badges.

Aston Villa badges - a collector's web site.

Olympic Pins - Polish site featuring pins from the Olympic Games.

Norman's Football Badges - Preston North End fan's site.

Bradford City badges - a collector's web site.

http://www.footballprogrammecentre.co.uk/forum/viewforum.php?f=25 - Football badge collecting forum.

http://www.footballhouse.co.uk - Official football merchandise including many badges.

http://www.bestbadges.co.uk - Badges, enamel badges and many other promotional items, all without the fuss!

http://www.freewebs.com/mmsblades-badges/ - Sheffield United collector's site.

http://badges-collectors.mylivepage.ru/image/index - Site run by Andrej from Belarus.

www.10menwent2mow.com - A Chelsea collector's site.

The Left Back - See many Chelsea badges here.

Kerlectables antiques directory - Antiques and collectables resource for collectors and webmasters.

www.pins.za.pl - A Polish badge collector's web site.

Celtic Badges - David Hood's recently redesigned Celtic badge site.

Celtic Supporters' Club Badges

World of Badges - By Tomasz Sieniutycz from Poland.

Paul Smith's Coventry City Badge Pages - All kinds of Sky Blues badges.

The Badge Collectors Circle - British club for collectors of non-military badges.

Marek Marcinkowski's site - written in Polish and some English. (This site sometimes works and at other times doesn't, so keep trying it!)

John Clemens - Dutch Collector's pages.

[Danske banner]
A Danish collector's site.

[Barcelona banner]
A Barcelona collector's online museum.

[volleyball banner]
A volleyball pin collector's site.

[Andriy's banner]

[CZ banner]

[Barca banner]

[Barraletweb banner]

[cJCI banner]
I Circulo Jerezano de Coleccionismo de Insignias of Spain - a Spanish Collecting Organisation.

[my pins banner]

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