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Non-League Club Badge Gallery

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Please note that this part of the gallery now uses the reference numbers in the AFBC 2009 non league directory. These reference numbers are in brackets in the format of a letter, followed by a number.

Arundel (A105)

Arundel Town (A107)

Atworth FC [Blue] (A161)

Atworth FC [Yellow/Orange] (A161)

Bath City SC (B90)

Bedford Town (B125)

Bell Athletic (B147)

Bicester FC SC (B174)

Bideford (B179)

Bilderston FSC (B188)

Bournemouth Gas Works (B303)

British Airways Corporation FSC (B372)

Bromsgrove United (B405)

Carshalton Athletic FSC (C45)

Catford South End (C78)

Chatham FC (C64)

Cheltenham Town AFC (C90

Chippenham Town SC (C128)

Dover Town (D86)

Dulwich Hamlet (D112)

Enfield SC (E72)

Exning United (E126)

Fisher Athletic (London) [White] (E50)

Fisher Athletic (London) [Black] (E50)

Glastonbury FSC (G34)

Grays SC (G90)

Guildford SC (G156)

Harwich and Parkeston FSC Committee (H111)

Harwich and Parkeston SC Committee (H110)

Haverhill Rovers SC (H118)

Highlands Park SC

Histon SC (H224)

Huntingdon SC (H312)

Lewes - Committee (LEWES25)

Leyton Wingate - Committee (L85)

Midland Showmens SC (M101)

Moor Green (M130)

Moor Green (M131)

Moor Green (M132)

Moor Green (M150)

Morecambe AFC SC (M151)

Newtown FSC (N61)

Poole Borough (P75)

Poole Town FSC (P79)

Redhill FC (R55)

Rose Hill Community Association FC (R98)

Runcorn FSC (R138)

Salisbury FCSC Committee (S12)

Skegness Town FSC (S128)

Tavistock FSC (T12)

Torquay Athletic

Totnes United SC (T97)

Truro City SC (T155)

Tufnell Park - The Tuffs (T132)

Walton-on-Thames FSC - (W39)

Wealdstone SC - Vice President

Wellingborough Town FSC (W81)

Wembley Stadium - (W111)

Westbury United SC - (W113)

Workington Civil Service AFC (W329)

Yiewsley FC SC (Y17)